Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy August!

I made this card last night with some of my new dry embossing templates and new inks. While not 100% happy with it, I'm still excited with the idea and will play some more. Mostly it was just so nice to sit and play with scissors and glue again!

Dinner last night was one of those best laid plans type of things. I was going to do a chicken in the rotisserie (set it and forget it!) and serve salad and corn on the cob with it - one of our favorite meals. But when I got the chicken out of the package I noticed it looked a little flat, like somebody had run over it almost. When I felt it I could feel broken bones all through it, so we decided it wasn't worth taking the chance with those tiny bones and we threw it out. Instead we made a quick hot dish and served with corn on the cob. We are really wanting to work on cooking at home instead of eating out - unless it's a fun event like eating with friends. Eliminating the almost daily fast food run is really what I suppose we're aiming for. So even though our original plan fell through, we thankfully had a backup plan.

Later in the evening I was all set to do some treadmill walking when I couldn't find shoe #2. I looked everywhere, then stomped around and sulked a bit. Keith came in and graciously looked as well, but to no avail. He is just so sweet though and next thing I knew he was bringing Joe's leash into the room and getting the dog all excited about a walk. He knew that I wouldn't walk in the heat late at night by myself, so by just doing it he got me motivated to go with them. I am not able to walk really fast and usually just walk in my Crocs, so lack of shoe #2 wasn't a problem for this walk. And we had such a nice time walking together. Late evenings just seem so peaceful. While out we noticed that the house directly across the street from us now has a "sale pending" sign added to the top of their sale sign. Now I'm anticipating new neighbors, which hasn't happened near us in many years. Fingers crossed!

~ Elizabeth

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