Sunday, August 13, 2006

My New Grandpuppy!

Yesterday afternoon Keith, Joe and I headed over to James and Loni's house to meet Xena, the 7 week old lab that has now stolen my heart. You forget just how funny puppies can be until you get around them again! Notice the pink bandana around her neck - that's her first gift from grandma! Keith and I stopped at Hobby Lobby to pick it out before heading out to meet her. Joe turned out to be rather a grumpy thing and wasn't nearly as impressed with this little imp as we were hoping he would be, but they'll work it out over time. One of the surprising parts of the evening though is that their cat, Cheeto, was right out there in the thick of things! He did start out sitting under a chair to keep an eye on the "godzilla dog" (Joe), then came out and sat closer.

After playing with the dogs a bit we went to see a movie and out to eat, then back to playing with dogs again. Poor James had two of his wisdom teeth pulled late Thursday afternoon and is still pretty sore, but he did manage to grin and laugh at the silly puppy.

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