Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Exercise is Fun????

Let me introduce my evil treadmill. I've never been overly fond of treadmills, or any exercise for that matter, but have had no real reason to think them bad. Until last night. A gal I work with has lost a tremendous amount of weight by walking and since the Dallas forecast today may as well be 180 as hot as it will feel I just can't get real excited about being outside. Because of this I have decided to give the treadmill a whirl again.

I will say that the key to not being bored on a treadmill is not the tv or music, but the cell phone! I slipped on my cute pink shoes, climbed aboard and called a girlfriend and we talked for the entire time. She did get the warning from me that if I start breathing too hard and she starts laughing that I was going to end the call though! Luckily it went ok. ;)

But this morning I'm having a hard time walking. Not because of muscle soreness, but because I have a blister on the bottom of my foot! Note to self: wear SOCKS and sneakers instead of the cute pink shoes next time!

~ Elizabeth

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