Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sizzle, Gauge and Baby Bibs

Here it sits looking oh so pretty, but in reality it's all a sham. This is one of the swatches for the Sizzle top made with Shine yarn from Knitpicks. Unfortunately I just cannot get gauge and am frustrated beyond belief and am ready to kick the whole project to the curb. I did consult my knitterly friends and they have suggested I try again on needles made from a different material, so before admitting defeat I will do that.

Which has all lead me to think - why am I so worried about doing more difficult projects with my hobbies? Since when did it become a race to do fancier and more difficult, whether in knitting, scrapbooking, quilting, etc.? We must strive to be published, to do the latest and greatest and somewhere along the line the love and warm feelings go by the wayside. Knitting to me brings about peace and contentment in listening to the rhythmic click of the needles. I'd be willing to bet that blood pressure drops when knitting - it's that good. So why add stress to my hobbies?

I received my Mason*Dixon Knitting book and have thumbed through it and really think these ladies are my new heroes as they seem to have the knitting for pleasure down pat. And now if you'll excuse me I think I'll go work on a baby bib from the book - 64 rows of garter stitch knitting pleasure - and let my worries over gauge melt away.

* Edited to add - as luck would have it my phone just rang and one of my friends offered me the use of some of her knitting needles to see if I can get gauge. That way I don't have to run out and buy needles unless I know it works. I love my friends! :)

~ Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

I am really thinking this may call for Destiny needles. Bad when the needles cost more than the yarn.........

I am going to paw through my stuff and I will let you know what I have.

Vicki said...

I wish I could knit! Wanted to come by and thank you personally for your sweet comment at my blog, and also for your prayers for baby Peyton. {{Hugs}}