Saturday, August 05, 2006

Doggie Day Camp

OK, one of the logistic hurdles to conquer for this trip is finding a place for Joe. That might not seem to be a challenge for some, but we do baby this dog and the only time he's ever spent time away from us was when he stayed with his grandma and grandpa (!). And I realize that by this entry you can tell we're getting older and the dog is our baby!!! Anyway, he now as a reservation at a local PetsHotel in a room just like the one pictured here - a "suite" to be exact. He'll have a bed and a tv in his room (stop laughing!) and will get two 15 minutes walks per day (just like home!). They have a long list of "ala carte" services and we will be adding the "treat time" - lactose-free, fat-free soft serve ice cream served with doggie biscuits - LOL! Before everyone thinks I've completely gone over the edge, the main reason we decided on the "suite" is that Joe has epilepsy and the suite is more soundproof, thus giving him less stimili with not being able to hear the other dogs bark so much. I'm sure there will be pictures after all is said and done and the odds are that there might even be some scrapbooking on this subject. :)

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Loni said...

It is good to be a spoiled dog.