Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Report

Continuing the weekend report..... ;)

Saturday morning was a blast! I met two friends and their daughters at IHOP for breakfast, then we all headed to the rubber stamp convention. This convention was much smaller than the one in January, but I still found a couple of booths that I really liked. One in particular was spectacular to me - I can't remember the name, but it was full of templates and supplies for dry emblossing, which I love. Every time I see cards made with this technique it strikes me again how elegant it looks. Even after helping do about a million wedding invitations for a friend's son's wedding I still enjoy doing dry embossing! Anyway, we were at this booth for quite some time and watched a demo on coloring and glittering after embossing that was very subtle and pretty. I'm now set up with supplies for trying this myself. ;) Luckily tomorrow night I'll be going to a scrapbooking night at my church and I think I'll bring this stuff to work on.

After I got home Keith, Lynne' and I headed out to Plano to look at a boat. We first stopped at Scotty P's for lunch, which we loved, and then my sweet husband took me to Woolie Ewe. Oh WOW! We all got an email the day before that they were having a 40% off everything sale and I almost didn't go because I knew it would be like a kid in a candy store. I've heard from bunches of my friends and the goodies they got and there were smiles all around in the store. I did good and didn't buy nearly as much as I'd like, but I'm still waiting on that winning lottery ticket!

We didn't like the boat, so headed home and traded the daughter for the dog and the three of us headed north to Gainesville to look at another boat. More than anything it was just nice to have that time alone talking together, regardless of what purpose we had.

And yesterday afternoon after church the three of us went with James and Loni to see the movie RV at the dollar movies. I dearly loved this movie and laughed so much. Robin Williams is just such a mess and this seemed like such a real movie to me. We did talk about some of the character flaws on the way home, so I'm glad to see that all my kids are so well grounded. It just makes me so proud of them and really it's such a small thing I suppose. The rest of the evening we grilled hamburgers for dinner and then played a few rounds of Farkel. Just a really good family evening.

~ Elizabeth

Nothing purchased can come close to the renewed sense of gratitude for having family and friends. - Unknown

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