Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Meeko Belly

Poor Meeko tried so hard this morning to get me to stop rushing around getting ready for work and instead to stop and rub his tummy. I couldn't resist for the most part, but alas, duty called and I had to leave.

Keith and I have started a "mission" to get our two extra rooms cleaned and organized and decided if we spend about an hour each evening working on that, or the garage, or painting - you get the idea - that we should have things pretty well in place by the summer. Well I got home a little late last night, the doorbell rang and a friend had dropped by - yay! We talked for awhile and then she had to run and fix dinner for her family, I went inside and ate, then tried to decide what I would do. Keith had a monster headache, so he decided to lay on the couch and catnap while watching tv, so what's a woman to do but grab the cell phone and start calling people? : ) I ended up talking to my brother and according to the phone timer we talked for.......drumroll......2 hours and 41 minutes! The most amazing part about that is that my phone did not have a full battery when I called and somehow it lasted throughout. It was a really good conversation, hopefully for both of us, and it helped me straighten out some rough feelings I'm having about Monday's anniversary of daddy's death. So a big "High Five" to Cingular for letting me talk so long!

~ Elizabeth

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Loni said...

Awwww! Love the Meeko belly!