Friday, February 17, 2006

Sleeping Boys

Oh my - it's winter again! We hit a record high of 85 yesterday and now this evening wintery stuff will be falling from the sky. After dinner last night Lynne' and I took Joe the wonder dog to the park like we do many days. When we pulled up at 6:31 my rear view mirror said it was 77 degrees outside. We ran around, but the wind was already from the north and COLD, so we came back sooner than normal. In fact, we were only out there for 15 minutes and during that time the temperature dropped to 62 degrees! That's quite a hefty little drop for only 15 minutes - basically a degree a minute.

I have plans with friends this evening, but if the ice really comes I of course won't go. No sense in driving in the ice when we have a lifetime of fun evenings in front of us!

This morning both of my boys get picture time. There's a whole lot of sleeping going on at my house this morning! The funniest one is Meeko though. For some reason he always wants to sit on Keith's chair and Keith and the cat don't get along at all. I really think that's why he sleeps there - he knows that the fur he leaves behind will annoy Keith!!!

~ Elizabeth

"Scrubbing bubbles does not make a good hair spray." - Mom

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

It was around +12 celcius here today...sorry, don't know what that is in F. Tonight it's a different story. We have heavy winds and the temperature has dropped. It's only about -2C now, but with the wind chill factor it feels much colder.