Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Routine Please

Today I'm back to routine again! My mind is still very discombobulated, but I'm starting to think that might just be my natural state now.

Mom and I had a good time at the knit-in at The Gourmet Yarn Company Saturday night and our picture is even up here! It's a really great group of ladies and the shop is quite nice, too. I had no problem at all finding things to buy. ; ) AND...I finally was able to get a set of #1 dpn's - woohoo! I need them to do the next sock that I have planned, so I'm pleased.

And....I tried to resist, really I did. But the siren call wouldn't let me sleep at night, so....I have joined The Knitting Olympics! I'll be doing the Jaywalker socks (I had tried to resist their siren call as well) and have a beautiful yarn cake of Socks That Rock yarn ready to cast on Friday night. Go Team USA!!!

~ Elizabeth
(sorry no pictures today, my empty mind couldn't wrap around that)

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