Friday, February 24, 2006

Italian Food Fun

What a fun evening we had - and typing this I'm realizing just how many of our fun evenings revolve around food!!! Is it any wonder I'm working on that weight loss thing??? Anyway, a guy Keith works with told him about an italian restaurant that was celebrating their 40th anniversary with specials. We misunderstood and went last week, but went ahead and ate their and loved it. So last night the three of us climbed into the truck and headed across town.

The specials were only good from 5-10 and we got there at 5:05, only to see a line outside the restaurant! Luckily it wasn't a cold day, so it was no big deal to stand in line and just visit for about 30 minutes before being seated. The special was that they were rolling back prices to what they charged in 1966!!! We had a choice of 3 meals: spaghetti for 1.09, lasagna for 1.29 or a sirloin and baked potato dinner for 2.29. Too fun! And as we were walking across the restaurant to our seat we hear "Keith" and it was the guy from his work that had recommended the restaurant and his family! We went over and met them all and they were really nice.

The only camera I had with me was my cell phone, so the pictures aren't the greatest and I will admit that Keith and Lynne' were getting a little tired of seeing my camera aimed at them by the end of the meal. They were good sports though and I think they're pretty used to it.

Other than eating last night all I did was talk on the phone to a couple of friends. It's been very special to me to get to know two ladies a lot better lately that weren't even in my life this time last year. And of course deepening friendships with those that were. God is so awesome to put so many great ladies in my path!

~ Elizabeth

"A friendship is a treasure chest where precious and shared secrets are kept." - Unknown

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Jenni said...

How fun! What great prices!