Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tinking a Sock

I've often said that I enjoy the process of knitting as much as the final product and I must say that it's a darn good thing! I sat down to work on my sock while we watched the hockey game last night and decided that perhaps I should measure it. The pattern says to work until the sock measures six inches and mine was seven and a half! Apparently I had been enjoying that knitting process a bit too much. Now, tinking is not a skill of mine, so I started with some trepidation and sure enough stitches started going every which way. My new life theory is "zero stress" so rather than chase those errant stitches I just decided to pull the entire sock out. And when Keith turned his head to see what I was doing and saw me pulling it out, well the look on his face was worth every bit of it! I have all the yarn wound up again and am ready to cast on again during lunch today and this time I will not knit quite so far without measuring. ; )

~ Elizabeth

"Anything worth doing is worth doing many times!"

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

LOL to bad you didn't have your camera handy and could have taken a picture of the expression on his face!

I'm really paranoid I guess about knitting too much hand having to tink or frog it, so I measure quite frequently.