Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vanessa's Shower

Saturday was Vanessa's baby shower and it was a really good time. One of the games had 3 random people in a baby diaper changing contest and it just so happened that the 2 guys (and grandma to be!) were the three that played. Rusty was the winner (holding his "baby" in the air) and it was especially fun for me to watch James changing a diaper. He was a good sport about it and other than being slower than the others he did an admirable job.

After the shower was over Elley took us out to the pasture to see Gracie, the new baby horse. It was impressive to me to hear Loni when she whistled for the horses since I can't whistle at all and this girl has some lungs on her! The horses were on the other side of the pasture when we got there and when they heard the whistle they picked up their heads, then took off running towards us. The two males reached us first, then Journey and her baby. She is so beautiful and it was adorable to watch her toss her head back, kick up her heels and run with her mama!

Good times........

~ Elizabeth

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. - Psalm 150:6

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Loni said...

I love the one of James changing the diaper. Also that is the cutest picture of Gracie and her mama. :o)