Friday, April 07, 2006

{21} Day 12

Another GREAT quote! So many things I've learned so far in this challenge and we're only halfway through it. Activity-wise I am SO on track that I am in SHOCK! I now make myself park a little farther than normal at work AND take the stairs up one flight to my office. Just a lot of very little things and I really think it will pay off in the end.

"Art-wise" for me - well I've learned that I don't like to doodle as an art form that others will see. And that's ok because now I know I've tried it and don't care for it. However, I have learned that I have fun lettering and will probably do it in my scrapbooks in the future where I've been afraid to do it before now. I always read that we should have some of our own writing because generations to come will like to see it, but I was too inhibited.

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sharma said...

Great that you are using and likng your own writing - and well done on getting more exercise - every bit helps!