Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday, Monday

Another weekend but a memory. ~sigh~

Saturday we headed up to the lake to work on finishing up a painting project that's been in the works for way too long. We made a lot of headway, but alas, it must remain on the "things to do" list for a bit longer.

On the way up to the lake we pass through the tiny town of Marietta, OK. The City Hall building is getting a facelift and it just struck me as a cool thing, so I had Keith pull over so I could take a picture. I got the long-suffering sigh, but he did relent and let me get out and do it. When I got back in the truck I explained to him that he'll have to get used to things like this if I'm to make my goal of being a world-renowned photographer. This provided fodder for quite a bit of discussion and laughter and the trip was soon over.

Yesterday I didn't feel well, so did lots of napping, but Keith managed to clean the carpets in the entire house. This has motivated us to get rid of a lot of the clutter and "stuff" that we've accumulated. Once again the cat has kept me humble as I've already had to clean a "mark" he left in our room this morning. He is just too cute...

~ Elizabeth

Whatever your lips utter you must be sure to do, because you made your vow freely to the Lord your God with your own mouth. - Deuteronomy 23:23

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Hope you're feeling better!