Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just Not Feelin' It Today

I am really not feeling it today and from the sounds around my office, nobody else is either. I really think the cause is the weather. Severe storms rumbled through the Dallas area during the night, with quite a bit of thunder, hail and flooding. Many people were late, so of course lots of stories and sharing of pictures taken with cell phones! (I just love technology!) And it's dark outside now as another storm approaches, so I think my body just wants to be in bed.

I just fixed a cup of power coffee in the hopes that it will sharpen my wits a bit. The recipe? Empty a pouch of instant hot chocolate into your cup and fill with coffee instead of water. Mmmmmm! The cup in the picture is a bigger than normal coffee cup and was given to me a few years back by a coworker who knew my love for coffee and reading. The cup was purchased at Barnes and Noble and has author pictures all over it. There's also a spoon from my Pretty Pink Tableware set. :)

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glo said...

interesting receipe... i gotta try it =)