Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Wedding plans are coming along nicely! Amazing how much can be done when there's not much time to do it. The dress is purchased and being steamed and she looks like a princess in it! Truly brought tears to my eyes looking at her, so I can only imagine what will happen during the wedding. I just feel so blessed to be able to love my future daughter-in-law!

Sunday morning Keith, Lynne' and I left for church and after service ran a few errands. I learned that beautiful church shoes with heels are not good to go shopping in! Keith just shakes his head when he looks at my shoes and I simply pointed out to him that all I had required of those shoes was that they look good at church and maybe going out to eat afterwards. They were not purchased as shopping and errand shoes! Lucky for me we saw the display of Crocs and of course I've been wanting to try them out. I couldn't bring myself to purchase the clogs, regardless of how comfortable they are, but did fall in love with the flip flops. And once Lynne' tried them on she stopped teasing me and bought a pair for herself! Mine are bright turquoise with gray tops and hers are black. We both wore them the rest of the day and I didn't even worry about looking like a frump wearing a church dress and Crocs. It did make for happy feet while going with James and Loni to register for the wedding. :)

~ Elizabeth

There are all kinds of shoes, For all kinds of feet, To wear at home, Or out on the street. There are boots for splashing, And sneakers for dashing. There are slippers for napping, And tap shoes for tapping, There are cowboy boots for riding, And ice skates for gliding. But the best shoes of all, Are the ones that fit you, While you're doing the thing, You like to do. - Unknown

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