Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Easter Memories

One of my favorite Easter's was the year that Lynne' was 18 months old and James was 3. We went to mom and dad's house in OKC and we all dyed eggs together, then we went in the back yard and hid them for the kids. Off they went hunting eggs and James would help Lynne'. Mom and dad also had a mini dachshund that would steal eggs and take off running, much to the delight and laughter of the kids. We'd go back in the house, hide eggs, bring the kids out to find them, over and over again. Lynne' just thought this was grand fun and we all started getting bored with it. I have a picture of her standing at the back door of the house pointing to the door handle and holding her Easter basket wanting to play more and we had told her no. But my dad could not resist that little stinker, so the two of them played eggs for quite a bit longer. Just so cute in my memories, especially her in the little pink and yellow sunsuit, ruffled white socks and the white Stride Rite shoes. :)

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Bonita Rose said...

such a wonderful memory.. don't lose it.. u shud do a layout of this.. your journaling is so touching..