Thursday, April 06, 2006

Joe and Changes

It's never a bad time to share a picture of Joe! I took this picture a few days back when I was in the backyard taking the picture of the rose. This is how close he always is to me - definitely a mama's boy.

Last night as soon as I got home from work it was time to set my things down and leave again for church. We did manage to stop and inhale a taco first, but only barely. Dearly loved the service and we both talked all the way home about things that were said. Just wonderful. :)

Today is Day 11 of my 21 day challenge and I'm still on target - unbelievable for me to stick with something this long! I'm really excited and hope this is a lifelong change. Joe is loving it as well because a large part of my being more active involves taking him on more walks. The really sad part is just how out of shape he is as well and he comes home panting so hard. Hopefully he'll build up his stamina soon and we'll be going even farther. I do have a long ranch goal for myself on this and am not quite ready to share, but it's exciting for me!

~ Elizabeth

O God, you are my God. Earnestly will I seek you. - Psalm 63:1

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