Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Singing

I have to admit that deep down I really do enjoy Mondays. It's the start of a fresh week (OK, I do realize that most people think of Sunday as the start, but that's in the middle of the weekend, so I choose to make Monday the start!) - 7 beautiful, untainted days to make what you want of them. This Monday the birds are very chatty here and have been since early this morning. It made great background music for our walk today.

And yesterday's weather was absolutely picture perfect, especially for the 195,000 people attending the Nascar race nearby. We sat on the couch inside and watched the race, which makes perfect sense considering the weather. :rolling my eyes at myself here:

But I did get out a crochet hook and start a new baby blanket, thanks to Shelly. As soon as the sun is up more I'll take a picture of it and post. I was a little surprised at how quickly crocheting came back to me as it's been probably a couple of years since I've done any at all. I did notice that I have to look at it more than I have to look at knitting, so it wouldn't be a good choice while watching a show that I need to pay attention to.

Last night we finally watched Lost from 3 weeks ago - the one where Sun discovers she's pregnant. Now what is up with that? The three of us did have a lively discussion afterwards on how we couldn't figure out why Jin was so happy since apparently he can't father kids. Quite the mystery there.

~ Elizabeth

"Our faults are like a grain of sand beside the great mountain of the mercies of God." - Saint Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney

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