Saturday, April 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

- Missing the movie time and out to eat on our anniversary because the Busch race ran late - $0
- Rushing through the McDonald's drive thru for anniversary dinner and eating in the car on the way to a different theater - $10
- Watching a very violent, bloody movie at full price because we missed the early shows - $18
- Having an anniversary that I'd like to do over - priceless

Really I suppose I should have expected this since the entire last week has been so emotionally draining. Yes, I can think of a worse week I've had, but not too many. Relationships, health and work have all pretty well sucked this last week, so I suppose it's only fitting that our "celebration" for our anniversary should be McD and a violent movie. I honestly and truly would like nothing more than to sleep for a few days and forget this week.

The only redeeming thought I have right now is that tomorrow is Palm Sunday and the start of a new week. Please Lord - please let it be better......

And a happier note - today is my baby brother's birthday as well! Happy Birthday Bro!

~ Elizabeth

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