Thursday, April 20, 2006

The New Paula Deen Magazine is Here!!!

I feel rather like Steve Martin in The Jerk where he went skipping down the street shouting "the new phone books are here!" except that in Elizabeth World I'm shouting "The new Paula Deen magazine is here!!!!"

I went to Barnes and Noble at lunch and left with 5 new magazines! But the one that made me skip and shout (twist and shout???) was Paula Deen. I've only had time to flip through it before coming back to work, but it looks great. ~ sigh ~ Again, sweet life.

1 comment:

Bonita Rose said...

I am a mag lover myself!! You're not alone! lol
I haven't picked this one up yet.. let me know how it is ok?? Just may have to pick it up!
thks for the heads up!