Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winter Storm Warning!

Starting the day off with a picture of my grand kitties! Loni sent me this picture of them play fighting after rolling around in peanuts - too cute!

So we have our first winter storm warning of the season for tomorrow. Supposed to be very cold and a pretty good chance of an ice storm. I have a doctor appointment across town at 7:30 in the morning, so I'm really hoping it doesn't come in until after that! The silver lining on this whole thing is that my company is really good about letting us go home early if the weather starts turning bad. But considering we were in the mid-80's on Saturday, this just seems very strange to think about ice tomorrow.

Speaking of Saturday, I went to another album class in Whitesboro with some friends that day and had a fabulous time. This was a pet class and of course as much as I love that dog I couldn't miss this one. I actually finished 17 of the 20 pages IN CLASS this time - woohoo! I sat down last night and finished the last 3 pages, then looked through my digital pictures on the computer and sent a big order to Sam's. I'll pick those pictures up during my lunch hour today and then one night this week I'll get them all put on the pages and finish it up. Then of course I'll have to display it in the living room with spotlights or something so that everybody can enjoy looking at my precious puppy.

And I have a new ringtone on my cell phone for the first time. Up til now I've just used one of the standard rings, but I finally was inspired. I have the BC Clark Christmas jingle now! Anybody from the OKC area knows that once BC Clark starts showing the Christmas commercial that the season really is here. Makes me smile now every time my phone rings!

~ Elizabeth

For with God, nothing will be impossible.
- Luke 1:37

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