Friday, December 09, 2005

Strange Sadness

It's funny how sometimes things will hit you out of the blue. I knew that I've been feeling emotionally shakey all week and I just cried over something silly. Right now I'm resting before heading over to help the kids out with their flooded apartment and am blog hopping to kill time. I was reading on one about her Christmas traditions and I kind of spaced out and started thinking about Christmas' past and our traditions. The tears I shed this time weren't even necessarily that we won't have Daddy this Christmas, though I'm sure that's a large part of it. But I sat here thinking about how our traditions will have to change out of necessity and it just feels like there's such a hole now. Not only is Daddy gone, but the kids are grown. I don't know - maybe it's the menopause thing as well which makes me weepy - but I'm sitting here feeling very, very alone right now. And the wonder of it all is that reading a happy blog entry is what brought it on! Sheesh....maybe I better quit reading and go eat a Snickers and grab some knitting or something. :)

~ Elizabeth

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