Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Report

Due to the recent freezing weather, we ran up to the lake yesterday to be sure the cabin was ok. It was, but there were some other minor things that needed attention, so it was good we went up. The picture is two neighbor dogs that are totally nuts! Joe was pretty intimidated by their sheer exuberance, so I put him in the backyard. These two dogs - shown here in our front yard - wrestled and played like cats and absolutely cracked me up. At one point I had to move the truck in order for us to load things and the minute I started the truck the bigger dog came running in and jumped in the back like he was ready to go for a ride. Too cute. :)

Friday we got a call from James that their apartment flooded again. I'm not sure of what caused it, but the cause was on the 3rd floor and they are on the bottom floor, so it was really a mess. They ended up staying with us and brought the grandkitties along! It did hit me this morning that as much time as I got to spend with the kitties I completely forgot to take any pictures of them at all. And even though the circumstances weren't great for all of them staying with us, I will admit that I enjoyed it just the same.

~ Elizabeth

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