Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday Already???

No pictures today because I completely forgot to send them to my work email. Oh well, maybe that means double pictures tomorrow!

I am having such an enjoyable day at work today. James, Loni and I all work at the same place (and Lynne' works for the same company, though working from home) and today I've been flitting around spreading wedding warmth to all my workmates. Everybody is just thrilled with the idea of a wedding between these two and it's fun to talk and plan. I've even got a couple of websites sent to me by friends, so I think there will probably be about 25 people planning this wedding! ;)

Christmas is coming along nicely - all the plans are falling into place, the house is clean, the presents wrapped, decorations up and some baking done last night. I really love this part of the Christmas season where you can actually stop and enjoy it. We did better than we usually do and got things mostly done early. Of course it's much easier when the kids are grown to get things done because I'm no longer driving them around to places they need to be at night.

Tonight I'm going to a Christmas party with friends. It will be a potluck dinner (the party starts at 7:00 though and we usually eat WAY earlier than that!!!) and we're bringing a wrapped gift to play Dirty Santa. It should be lots of fun and I hear that the hostess has a beautifully decorated Christmas home every year.

I've also gotten lots of "WOW" responses today from my hair! Saturday I went to my first appointment with a new hair lady from a friend's recommendation. I am thrilled with how it looks and when I left the salon after three and a half hours (I got a cut, color and eyebrow wax) all the ladies there were oo'ing and goo'ing over me and saying it took 10-15 years off my face! Success!!! LOL!

Oh and when we got to work this morning there was a bag of chips and a chip clip on everybody's chair from the building management. Apparently we are "all that and a bag of chips" around here!!!!

~ Elizabeth

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