Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Stories - Part I

Christmas was so wonderful this year and I have so many pictures and stories I want to post, but I also have to work, so I'll probably do a few each day.

Joe was pretty excited over Christmas this year when he saw that Santa had left a big bone in his stocking. It surprised me to see him stand up on the fireplace to get at it as he usually is so meek. It turned out to be a good thing that Santa brought the bone because Joe was enchanted by it and chewed on it while we did other things.

Our Christmas story begins on Friday at about 4:00 when Mom, Gary and Michele arrived at our house. Poor Keith had to work, so we didn't see him that evening. The rest of us went to James and Loni's apartment so that Cheeto and Emma could show off their acrobatic jumping abilities and they performed wonderfully! Then we all headed to Taco Bueno for dinner, which happens to be a favorite restaurant in our family. Mom went to bed early and Gary, Michele, Lynne' and I sat at the kitchen table until close to midnight talking. Loved it.

Saturday morning James and Loni came over and rode with Keith, Lynne' and I to OKC to spend time with Keith's family while my family stayed at our house! Had a wonderful time with the Hermans and more pictures and stories will be posted soon. Keith and I went with Ferne and Charlie to the 11:00 candlight service on Christmas Eve and it was so beautiful, as it always is. And when we left Pastor gave us a big hug. I really do miss him and that church and hope the new church we're joining will be just as good.

Sunday morning we headed back to Lewisville and when we got here Michele had gotten all of our lunch spread ready and it was waiting for us - how cool is that! We fixed plates, let Joe open his present from Santa and settled in for some Christmas Bingo fun. Gary was probably the most lucky at the game and it was fun watching him open his prizes. The funny part was that Gary was usually busy talking to all of us and Michele played his card for him! After a couple of rounds though he started getting into it and doing his own card. It really was a lot of fun and we had fun stealing presents and laughing. One of James' favorite prizes - of course - was a gift certificate to Taco Bueno!

~ Elizabeth

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses."
- Joyce Brothers

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