Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

OK, I know that verse is overused, but it's really true! You reach a certain point and see the signs of the Christmas season all around. As you can see by my new banner, Little Debbie Christmas Trees really do signal the season for me! I just love 'em and eat way too many. Too my joyful pleasure I discovered that Sam's Club has a big box of them, so of course I grabbed a box and clutched them to my chest as I ran to the checkout counter. ;)

We did get the tree mostly up today. Keith and I bought new tree trimmings at Hobby Lobby last night and didn't get enough garland, so we'll get more tomorrow and finish it up. Then while out shopping today we discovered dog antlers in the dollar spot at Target! I was so happy - and Keith was rolling his eyes over my glee - because we'd been to Petsmart last night and they were out. Joe is just so very handsome with his antlers on and he loves them.

Also got our Christmas "portrait" done for the Christmas cards and will pick up the test shot tomorrow. If it's good I'll order the rest and might actually have cards out in a timely manner this year.

~ Elizabeth

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Anonymous said...

How in the world do you get Joe to do that? This is a beautiful picture of him. I want a puppy like him! MIne, will knock it off way before I could get the camera to my eye!