Saturday, December 31, 2005

Lazy New Year's Eve

Since I didn't really have a picture to share today, I decided to show a picture of Joe enjoying his present from Santa. You really can't go wrong with a picture of Joe!

Pretty quiet evening last night. We were "scrapbooking" at a friend's house and it was interesting to see what everybody was doing. There were 7 ladies there and here's the breakdown: 3 were doing traditional scrapbooking, 1 was digital scrapbooking, 1 quilting, 1 doll making and I was knitting. Last night was the perfect example of how scrapbooking brought us together, but friendship keeps us that way.

I was really interested to watch the digital scrapbooking as it's something I would love to dabble in this coming year. So of course while Keith and I were out and about today I picked up the program! Haven't even taken it out of the shopping bag yet, but hope to do so soon.

Today was the kind of day I enjoy most with Keith. One of his friends owns a radio control hobby shop in Ft. Worth, so we headed over there today to check it out. Very nice man and I enjoyed talking with him. Pretty cool too was that his dad was in the shop with him and dad had just returned from Iraq! Lots of customer friends were coming in and slapping him on the back and welcoming him home.

We stopped for lunch at a new to me restaurant, then shopped in an area that we always enjoy. Basically just moseyed around a lot today and still got quite a bit done. Last stop was Sprout's Market - after taking Joe to the park - where we got the makings of salsa to use the new salsa maker that James and Loni got me for Christmas. Our big plans for New Year's Eve include eating salsa and watching a movie or two. Really what we most enjoy.

~ Elizabeth

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