Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Grandma and Trucks

I realized from my last post that I need to get over it. For lunch I decided to enjoy the fall day we're having - breezy and 62 degrees - and went out to my truck to work on diving the heel of my sock so I can knit the heel flap tonight.

While out there I decided to call my grandmother. She's one of the most amazing women I've ever known. Right now she's got cancer pretty bad and going for weekly chemotherapy treatments, was just told she needs to have heart surgery but that they won't do it because of the cancer and today she told me that she cracked a tooth over the weekend! Bless her heart. The amazing part of it all is what an incredible positive attitude she has about everything. She does a lot for helping me put things back in their proper perspective.

And while I'm sitting in my truck in the parking lot talking to my grandma, a guy that works in our building pulled in behind and HIT MY TRUCK! Sheesh! Now really it was more of a tap than a hit, but the reason I know that he hit me is that my body felt the jolt. The insulting part of all of this is that he didn't even acknowledge that he did it! And since I was talking to grandma I couldn't really start shouting and give him a piece of my mind. ;) He went on inside, I finished my conversation and went and checked my truck. Turns out - luckily - that he hit the trailer hitch and did nothing to my truck. Now I'm kind of glad I'm driving around with armour on the back of my truck!

~ Elizabeth

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