Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Martina McBride

I had the most flattering thing happen to me - a lady on my knit list actually knit the Smoochie Cloth that I designed and sent me a picture! WOW! I am truly on Cloud 9! I need to post the pattern here, so will probably do that shortly.

Loni brought me the CD White Christmas by Martina McBride yesterday and it is awesome. The only real problem with it is that she has such a powerhouse voice and you can't help but sing along and no way can I hit notes like she can! It was probably a good thing that the weather yesterday necessitated driving with the windows closed because my screeching could surely have caused traffic accidents. :) We listened to it last night while Keith put the bikes together, too. He got them finished and now the living room smells like tire rubber. I need to find a donation place for Toys for Toys SOON so that they can be delivered in time for Christmas AND to get the smell gone from my home!!!

Now this morning I've been listening to the same CD at work. Our workplace is very, very quiet, so we listen to music with headphones. I'm having the hardest time keeping myself from singing along with Martina and shocking my workmates!

No pictures today either. I took quite a few of the bicycle assembly process and of Joe helping Keith out, but the batteries completely died at the end. They are now resting comfortably in the battery charger and hopefully I can extract the pictures tonight after work.

And I did get most of the Christmas cards ready and mailed last night - woohoo! I have to pick up some more Christmas "portraits" at Sam's on the way home tonight and the rest will go out tomorrow. It was very peaceful working on these last night. I had the lights glowing on the Christmas tree and on two very special decorations that a dear friend gave me last Christmas and listening to the Amy Grant Christmas CD. As I signed and addressed each card I prayed for the family it was going to and it just felt so right. Maybe my head is finally getting in the right place again.

~ Elizabeth

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

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