Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Party All Night

Well last night was just wonderful! This group of girlfriends is so good to be around and I honestly enjoy each one. Last night I even got to meet a couple of new ladies and just loved them. The hostess' home was decorated so nice for Christmas and the food for the potluck was divine. Then we played "dirty santa" with the gifts and had a grand time laughing. To quote another friend - this group is bold enough to make it fun, but kind enough that nobody's feelings get hurt.

I got home way past my bedtime and then it took a while to wind down, so I'm feeling it today with the droopy, sleepy eyelids, but it was so worth it. When I went down the hall to get more coffee I remembered one of my favorite ways to drink coffee at work (invented last winter) and sure to be low fat, low calorie, etc. Use a package of hot chocolate mix and mix it with coffee rather than water and put some half and half in it. Oh my word is it ever good! And since I'm sleepy the double caffeine is a good thing today. :)

~ Elizabeth

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