Friday, July 14, 2006

Late Night Edition

Hehehehe - another Joe picture to brighten up the blog!

Wednesday night was the 2nd time I went to a local knit and crochet meet and I am "hooked" and will make it a regular event. Before the meet I met a friend for dinner at a new to us mexican restaurant and we ended up talking a little too long (go figure!) and almost were late. Made it in time though and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I met several gals for the first time and chit chatted with others that I know. I really am enjoying this group of ladies and am glad that they meet bi-weekly so I can continue getting to know them better.

We have officially hit the summer season and it's not pretty. The temperature will be triple digits for the next five days and the ground is cracking again. Unfortunately this means that I might become more of a hermit as I really just don't like to be hot! I did think ahead this morning and put dinner in the crockpot so as not to heat up the kitchen. I see more crockpot, salads and grilled dinners in our future as long as the heat continues.

~ Elizabeth

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Anonymous said...

I am also in the DFW area. What is the name of the group you've attended? I've been looking for a local one to join.