Monday, July 03, 2006

Diamond Lace Bookmark

I actually finished a knitting project! This is the Diamond Lace Bookmark that I made for a friend's birthday. I am very, very pleased with the pattern and am sure I'll make it again - probably even for myself. I'm also glad that my first time blocking something was this small. I can see where I need to work on blocking and it's good to have a small test project. I made this with Zephyr laceweight yarn on size 2 needles.

Friday night was crab legs to celebrate the friend's birthday and afterwards we went to another friend's home to see all the remodeling she's done. I am constantly in awe with the energy she has and the fact that she follows through with her ideas! K and I are the lazy sort and it takes forever to get things done, so perhaps it was good that I saw her finished results. In fact, it inspired me so much that today is "clean up the office/scrapbook" day! This room has been a work in progress for far too long.

Saturday we headed to J&L's new home so that K could help them work on some of their projects. Had a really nice time and ended the day with a fireworks display. We were very fortunate on that as just a little earlier a brief rain fell and it cooled the area to where we even had a cool breeze. I thoroughly enjoy sitting on a blanket with my family and watching fireworks and it rates right up there as one of my favorite things. I have so many good memories of family times spent this way.

And last night K and I headed to the Denton Movie Tavern to see Superman Returns. It was truy uncanny how much this actor looks and sounds like Christopher Reeve and it's really unfortunate that he wasn't alive to see this film. We enjoyed it and the time we spent together. This was our first time at this particular theater and we get a kick out of having dinner while we're watching a movie. I think that brings our movie total to 3 that we've been to this year! ;) I do know we'll be back to this theater as our food was very slow arriving so they gave us two free tickets.

~ Elizabeth

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord. - Psalm 34:8

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