Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Knitting Party

Last night will be one I treasure for quite some time. It seemed like it would be fun, but little did I know just what a good time I would have.

A group of 9 of us met for Mexican food first and could barely eat for all the talking and laughing going on. Believe it or not the fun even included some flirting by a nearby male, until his mom picked him up out of the highchair to leave!

We next headed to the coffee house and met many more ladies for knitting and coffee. The only downside was the lack of cheesecake, but the proprietress has assured us that she will have plenty the next time we visit. The entire evening went by in a blur and too soon it was time to head home. I was driving along the turnpike (messing with my eye as I tried to find the invisihair that was niggling - probably one of those hairs from yarn!) and thinking back on the evening and realized that my silly little cheeks were sore from smiling! That signals a successful and fun evening indeed.

I have been wonderfully and abundantly blessed with the women that I've been meeting the past few years. It is so good to have ladies to share hobbies with and some special women to share giggles, phone calls and emails with.

~ Elizabeth

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