Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hear the Rain....

We woke up this morning to sweet, blessed rain - the kind that you can lay in bed and hear the raindrops hitting the roof and plinking in the puddles that have already formed on the sidewalk outside our window. The kind of rain that makes you smile and rejoice in the dryness and comfort of your bed, but secretly makes you yearn to run outside and run and jump and splash in those puddles. The kind of rain that brings an earthy wet smell to the world. The kind of rain that has you turn off the radio on the way to work and just listen to the drops hitting your car and hearing the rhythmic sounds of the windshield wipers. wonderful that this rain has returned and helped the parched earth of drought laden Dallas.

We had such a nice 4 day weekend, although Keith did have to work on Monday. The rain yesterday afternoon was just enough to make the ground wetter than what we prefer when sitting on a blanket, so we didn't attend any of the area fireworks displays. It was ok though since we had been able to see some Saturday night with James and Loni. Instead of fireworks Keith and I did the much needed grocery shopping (that's just as much fun - right?) and grilled hamburgers for dinner last night. After the three of us cleaned up we brought out the dice and played Farkel for awhile and had a great time. These are the sorts of moments in a mom's life that make you feel content.

~ Elizabeth

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY!!! - Psalm 126:3

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