Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pirates 2

Keith and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest today and of course loved it. We were actually rather astonished at ourselves that we saw a movie the first weekend it was out and that we'd seen a movie two weekends in a row! I had a deja vu moment during the film every time they said the word "kraken" and kept hearing the phrase "release the kraken" in my mind. Finally hit me on the way home and called my mom to verify. Yep, daddy used to always cry "Release the Kraken", referring to letting their miniature dachshund out of his crate. What a silly memory!

I was also reminded during the movie that I'm getting older and again, no longer cutting edge in the electronics world. Sitting in the row in front of us was a group of teenagers that were having a great time waiting for the previews to begin. We noticed several of them text messaging on their cell phones and giggling and believe it or not the text messaging continued throughout the movie! I just cannot imagine paying the cost of a movie ticket and then playing with a cell phone all through the movie.

And once again I realized that I'm a wienie about movies and such. There were many young children at this showing and quite frankly I found the movie a little intense for small ones. I realize that kids today are more blase about things than what I am, but it did bother me. I wonder how many of them will have "sweet dreams" tonight and then also wonder what my dreams will be as well. LOL!

~ Elizabeth

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