Monday, July 17, 2006

Family Life Moment

Sunday night coming home from the boat show I was pretty proud of myself because I knew we had some hamburger meat in the fridge and we could go home and grill burgers rather than eat out. But we got home and discovered that it was no longer good, so we threw it out rather than take chances. So off to Taco Cabana we went, never realizing that we were about to have a "life moment" as a family.

They were very busy - the gal taking orders was backed up, the cooks were backed up...really everything was. When we finally got our order and saw something was missing I went up to ask the cook about it. He apologized profusely and explained that two people had called in sick and they were short handed. I assured him it was no problem, he fixed our order and we ate. But we also noticed that the dining area was a mess and there were no more clean tables. And people were starting to get irritated about the entire situation.

Lynne' and I decided to help out - I'm so proud of her! I went to the register and asked for a towel and had to argue with the gal because she was going to come out and clean. I assured her that it was no problem, she was busy, I'd clean our table. It ended up that Keith and I cleaned off tables and threw trash away and Lynne' had the spray bottle of cleaner and rag and cleaned the tables. We took care of the entire dining room. The look on the other diners' faces was worth every minute. :)

And when we were done, we left. What a satisfying feeling though to help out the workers there. It took the three of us maybe five minutes. And it's good to leave something better than you found it.

We smiled all the way home.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! How great it was to show your faith in action.

Anonymous said...

What a kind thing and so unselfish of you and your family. God truly works in us and sometimes we don't even know it.

Cecilia said...

You are so cool!