Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yoga Has Begun

On the recommendation of a friend I got a new yoga dvd. I was lucky enough to find a new copy cheap on ebay and it arrived on Saturday. Sunday night Lynne' and I did the pm Yoga for the first time and it was great! I think what made it even better is that we did it together. I will admit that at the beginning when she had us with our eyes closed and was talking softly I was mentally rolling my eyes, then heard Lynne' giggle and that was all she wrote! We both collapsed laughing, but did manage to pull ourselves together and went through the rest of the routine without laughter. We think this will be a regular event at night now. :)


tarcher said...

Liz, I love Rodney Ye he's a great yogi. I also like Patricia Walden they do a lot of video's together for Yoga Journal. I teach (or used to). I have had to take a break but we still have classes at my center. One of my students took over the classes. I injured my left foot over a year ago and just haven't got back to it. We also had bought a "new" house that took a lot of my time to redo. Now I need to get back to it. I started Yoga for my health many years ago and have noticed now that I have stopped how much more stiff and inflexiable I have become. So I will start back soon. I got a video for Yoga in Austin this last weekend it's Cardio Yoga. A lot like what I taught. LOL. I have been called Marque de Archer, LOL. Yoga is so good for flexiablity, strength, and balance. And don't forget to do meditation for the calm we all need. We have great explainations of the different types of yoga on our web site

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Just a note of caution...I've been told (and heard for myself) that in yoga they tell you to clear your mind...don't clear your mind. Focus instead on Jesus. Never ever clear your mind so that you have no thoughts in it - it only invites trouble...just think about Jesus.