Monday, July 17, 2006

Shopping on a Hot Sunday

Because the heat is so oppressive right now it's just hard to get excited about much of anything. Yesterday Keith, Lynne' and I headed out to IKEA for a stroll as anything air conditioned sounded good! Of course no visit to IKEA is complete without having their Swedish Meatballs for lunch, so that's where we started our visit. And we all love the apple cake, so our meal consisted of sharing a plate of meatballs and a slice of cake!

Thus fortified we headed out. Our mission was to find nightstands as a friend had told me on Saturday that she had found some nice ones there. We are planning on new bedroom furniture, but that probably won't happen until next summer, so I have somehow convinced myself that replacing the 3 legged tables that we currently use as nightstands will make the room like fabulous. We did find what we wanted at a really good price and Keith got one of them put together last night and I love it! Amazingly also that's all we bought yesterday. We looked at several more things and wrote down measurements and I know we'll be back - love that store.

We next headed out to the Boat Show for the rest of the afternoon to dream about boats. Had a nice time and on our way back out to the truck I asked them what their favorite boat was. Lynne' said she didn't care what we get as long as we buy it from Tyler H...!!!! Need I mention that he was a really cute young man? ;)

~ Elizabeth

Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge. - Psalm 16:1

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Knitting Rose said...

The food looks toooooooo good. I want a piece of Apple CAKE!!! Yum. You should show a picture of the nightstands!