Friday, August 01, 2008

Coffee and Mud Dobbers, Though Not Together

Sometimes a day just starts out so good that you want to celebrate with your favorite Cheery Cherry Mug. This morning it's filled with coffee and my new favorite Coffeemate flavor - Italian Sweet Creme.

I got the mug at a Harry and David store at the outlet mall when the family females went shopping a few weeks back. When I saw it on the shelf I was just so tickled and sashayed my fine self up to the register only to find that it was ON SALE even! Really, does it get any better than that???


And now for something really gross, look what we found on the side of our house last night - a mud dobber village! Honestly it was really kind of cool to see from afar, then I was a chicken and went in the house while my mighty warrior husband took care of it. Almost a shame to tear it down after they did so much work, but then they didn't ask me before they started building. ;)


Liz G. said...

Oh I love the Italian Sweet Cream, too!! It's so hard to find, though - finally found it at Tom Thumb. YUM!

Brenda Kula said...

Yep, they're on your property! You can evict them for sure! I would imagine they got pretty angry about it. Might have to hide out until they find a new home!