Thursday, August 21, 2008

Preemie Eyelet Hat

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Staying with my "knitting for others" theme that I seem to be in, I recently made this preemie hat. I finally found a model for it and doesn't she looked tickled with the new hat?

Silly aside, the pattern can be found here and only took a tiny bit of yarn and a small block of time. It truly is a darling hat and now I want to make all the hats she shows on the blog.

Not sure yet where I will donate these hats, but I'm willing to bet I'll find someplace. :)


Knitting Rose said...

The Bluebonnet Guild donates to JPS - you can bring them to me and be eligible for a raffle...

JeanieBeanie said...

AWWWWW so adorable!!! Before my MIL died, she had started Crocheting Premie Hats for the Cookes Childrens Hospital. They had told her that they needed lots of hats and blankets for the little ones. She only got a few hats done and I am not sure where they are right now. They were so cute and tiny. If I ever find them, I plan to keep them since it was one of the few last things she had made. However, if I ever get this crochet stuff down, I would like to take over where she left off on that project. I am sure Parkland could use some handmade hats and blankets as well. I forget the exact number of babies born in that hospital, but I remember thinking "Oh my gosh" and the amount of drug addicted infants was huge!!! I am sure you thought of this already, but just in case, theres an idea.

Wool Winder said...

I've been wanting to try that hat. It's adorable!

Renna said...

The preemie hat is adorable. I'll have to knit one, myself!

Sharon said...

Hi, thank you so much for visiting my Blog and for the nice comment you left. Yes, Piper sure does take all the attention away from my "Top Quality Carrots" finish. She and her Triplet sister's capture the hearts of everyone who meets them *smile* I'm such a proud Grandma.

Love the Preemie hat you finished knitting~and in my favorite color too. Goes well with the little yellow one...just look at that smile on her face. Being that our Grandbabies where two and a half months early, they par-took in wearing the preemie hats. Only theirs where crocheted. Bless your heart for taking the time to make these, and to then donate them.

Have a wonderful day!