Friday, August 29, 2008

Smelly Dog, Smelly Dog

As I tell this story you are going to guess the end before I get there.

We're driving along tonight and unbelievably we see a skunk walking
along the road. I turned to Keith and mentioned that I'd never seen a
live skunk before - only dead ones at the side of the road.

Fast forward about 45 minutes and Joe needed to go outside. I opened
the back door and out he went. I walked over to get water from the
fridge when I smelled the most horrible smell EVER! The lightbulb
went on in my brain and I went running to the back door. Sure enough,
Joe was nose to nose with a very irritated skunk, who had a very
puffed up tail!!! I started yelling at Joe to "COME" and he finally
ambled over and straight into the shower he went.

Apparently he didn't get sprayed too bad because I was able to get the
smell out.

Good times????? :)


Wool Winder said...

Sounds like you got lucky this time. We've had three separate "skunkings"--our car tire, our dog and our garage. It takes a long time for the smell to go away.

Renna said...

Oh, ick! I still remember when our golden retriever, Bailey, got skunked. She didn't get it too horribly, either, but it was bad enough. Hubby got the joy of cleaning her up. ;-)