Friday, August 29, 2008

Dinner with B&R

Since I have no picture to go with the words on this post I decided to use a photo of Brooklyn from 4th of July.  She was out in the front yard with her grandpa and happy as a clam.  I'm not sure what she's looking at in the picture, but it certainly has her attention!
Last night was one of those beautiful family nights.  Keith's brother and his wife were in town for a brief time and they came over for dinner and chatting.  We grilled hamburgers and had the nicest time.  They truly are among my favorite people and I could talk with them for hours and hours and never tire of it.
Looking back I remember the time before any of us were married.  Keith and I went on a double date with them to the drive-in and right as the movie started it began pouring down rain!  This was back before the sound came in on your radio - these were the days of the little speakers that you hang on your window.  We closed the window as much as we could and we had the windshield wipers going at full speed.  In case anybody is wondering, it's a little tough to watch a movie through your windshield wipers - LOL!  To this day it makes me laugh to think about it.
Good times.....

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Renna said...

How neat to share such a long time history with someone you enjoy spending time with.

I, too, remember the days of hanging the drive-in movie speakers on the window of your car. Boy, does that date us, or what! ;-Þ