Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day At The Aquarium

Where has this week gone?   :)  Well even though it's already Thursday I'm going to post about the family fun we had last Sunday.  All 6 of us went to the Dallas World Aquarium and had a wonderful time.  I will admit that I was afraid that Miss B would be too young to really enjoy it, but I'm here to tell you I was WRONG!  This little exhibit had two ducks swimming around and they were moving fast enough that it was almost like one of those little wind up toys.  It still seems funny to me to see pictures of her standing up or walking.  :)
But she wasn't always walking!  I have pictures of each and every one of us holding Brooklyn at one time or the other.  Here she is with her Aunt Lynne' and they are looking at some turtles swim.  She has just recently learned to point at things and it is so darling.
Her Grandpa had her when we went through the shark tunnel.  I'm sure he's telling her that if a shark appears while we're at the lake that he'll punch it in the nose for her.  ;)
And I love it that her hair is long enough to put in a little hairbow.  She looks like a little kewpie doll here.
Watching her at the aquarium was another example of how adults could learn a lot from children and babies.  Brooklyn was wide-eyed throughout the place, just looking slowly at everything.  Where we were impressed with amazing rare animals she was equally entranced by water sounds and splashes or big leaves.  Equally impressive to her was a bamboo edging and she wanted to put one little hand in each one of them.  So darling!
Good times.......

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