Saturday, August 02, 2008

Well...,,mom warned me. Anytime you try to knit under pressure with a
looming deadline that's when mistakes happen. What you're seeing here
is three dropped stitches. And unfortunately I didn't bring a crochet
hook along on this trip to take care of this problem. Fortunately I
have a Macyver husband who fashioned a crochet hook out if a clothes
hanger and I was on my merry way. He told me to get him a hanger, some
duck tape and a coconut and he'd get me fixed up.

I love that man. :)

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Renna said...

I'm cracking up at that last line! ;-Þ

I've had to draw from my inner McGuyver at times, too, when I've gotten caught away from the house with my knitting and no crochet hook. I usually have a safety pin in my billfold (one never knows!), which will work in a pinch.

I kind of think I'd have been better off not reading about your new favorite creamer on the last post. I will not rest until I get me some of that! ;-Þ