Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yard Work

Last night was a yardwork night, so more sore muscles today! Keith, Lynne' and I cut down some treelets that had sprung up along the back fence and cut back some of the other shrubberies as well. It started out I was just going to prune a few baby branches and next thing I knew Keith was there with a chain saw and Lynne' brought out the chipper shredder and we were going full blast! Joe of course had to do his part and had a blast carrying sticks and branches around. Poor thing was exhausted by the time we went in though. Sometimes he forgets he's an overweight old dog!

So after taking a quick shower I sat down to watch CSI Miami and during commercials would go in the living room to watch the Mavs game with Keith. While watching CSI I picked up my baby sweater and knitted on it and really wanted to just keep knitting as I was thoroughly enjoying it. But I'm really trying to keep an eye on my arm and not hurt it again to where I can't knit at all. I got to the point last night where I'm now working on the sleeves and the fronts and back are on holders and it really looks like a convoluted mess - LOL! Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

By the way......the Dallas Mavericks won the game and advance to the finals now! :)

~ Elizabeth

Despite the gardener's best intentions, nature will improvise. - Michael P. Garafalo

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