Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sandals, Sunglasses and Starbucks

Back from a fantabulous lunch hour! It was good, then bad, then great.

Went to Target for odds and ends and bought the cutest outfit. I got a pair of brown drawstring capri's that might wrinkle too much, so we'll see. Then on around the corner I had to check the shoes - and I lay full blame for this new addiction on my sister-in-law Michele and my friend Dawn!!! :) I got a pair of brown sandals with little kitten heels and there's 3 strips of leather - brown, light brown and a turquoisey blue - they are so FREAKING CUTE!!! Then what's a woman to do but go and get a top that just happens to be turquoisey blue. I will be one stylin' babe when I wear this tomorrow - LOL!

Got the rest of my boring list and headed outside, only to discover that I lost my sunglasses somewhere in the store - sob! I loved these! I've left my name, but I'm not going to hold my breath, so now I have "buy sunglasses" on my new list. :(

So then I drove down the shopping center to Barnes and Noble to get the new issue of Creative Knitting, but they didn't have it. Again, what's a woman to do but visit the Starbucks??? I got the new Bananas & Creme Frappuccino Blended Creme? YUM! It reminds me of a banana shake, but not nearly so heavy.

Good times.....

~ Elizabeth

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Liz G. said...

Now I have to try that Bananas & Cream Frap - now that you've given it the description you have. I have a free coupon for one - so it won't be a waste if I don't like it! :)