Wednesday, May 31, 2006

((( Wednesday Blogger 5.31.06 )))


Special family plans this summer, we all have them.
What are yours?
What are you doing that you consider SPECIAL this summer?
What are you anticipating?

Well I don't know any specific plans yet since we haven't really made any. But I do know that it will involve lots and lots of WATER! We're hoping to get up to the lake most every weekend this year, but usually life has a way of getting in the way. And I think I'll finally give up my nagging for a pool. Years back we had an above ground swimming pool and Keith snivvelled over having to do all the work with it and swore we'd never have another pool. I did finally get him to agree that if I win the lottery and could pay for cabana boys that it would be ok to get one.

So over the weekend an online friend put up a blow up pool in her backyard, I think for the grandkids. I called Keith in to show him a picture of said pool and asked if maybe we could get something like this. He looked and pondered a bit, then sighed and said "I suppose that even with that pool you'll still want the cabana boy won't you?" Gotta love that man! I dream of the day when cabana boys can roam free and there is a pool in every backyard. ;)

Along those lines I went to Kohl's during my lunch hour today and bought a new swimsuit - a bikini!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I am going to have so much fun saying I have a bikini again. It actually is a shorts bottom and a top, so no belly skin is showing, but it's two pieces and therefore a bikini. :)

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