Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Monday!

Another Monday, which means another week just waiting to be filled! We had an awesome weekend and the weather was just perfect for everything. Yesterday for Mother's Day Keith, Lynne' and I went to the Dallas Arboretum for the first time and discovered what we had been missing. Absolutely beautiful place and it was filled with young children toddling barefoot through the perfect grass and families having picnics under shade trees. We even saw the most precious little girl chasing a butterfly! At one point we were walking along and there was a man playing the piano and you could see families playing and laughing and Keith remarked that it just seemed like Utopia - and he was right. At that precise moment there were no other cares in the world at all.

Of course I had to take my camera and play with the macro function and was thrilled to see the bee on the flower. Sometimes I've just got to wonder about my head when I get excited over BUGS - lol!

After leaving the Arboretum we drove by to see where Keith works, then drove by Lynne's work. Might seem boring to some, but I'm glad I finally got to see the buildings. Since we all seem to spend the better part of our waking day at work, it's great to have a visual aid.

And Saturday was our monthly scrapbooking class in Whitesboro and as always I *loved* it This theme for this book was the home and it's turning into one of my favorite books, though of course I didn't finish it during class. ;) I was particularly pleased to find that I'm feeling my creativity again after this class! I think this evening I'll be finishing the book, then make some cards that I need to send out. Some day I'm hoping to have some cards created and waiting rather than waiting til the last minute.

One of the best parts of the monthly class though is the ride there and back - and of course lunch! We laugh so much and have so many conversations going at one time. Good times....

~ Elizabeth

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