Monday, May 22, 2006

The Lake!

Oh what a fabulous weekend we had! This picture was NOT this weekend, but taken a few years back. Poor Joe is not as young as he used to be, so he didn't get to ride this weekend and had to stay at the cabin. This was the first time the boats had been in the water for awhile, so no sense in trying to keep up with the dog as well. But the happy news is that the boats started right up and a good time was had by the both of us. I will mention though that I also am not as young as I used to be and am sore today!

One of the funniest things about riding is that I rarely am able to ride the jet skis without crying - in a good way. I will preface by saying that I cry easily (one of my friends calls me a wienie!), but when I get out on the lake I am so oftened just filled with such thanksgiving on all that the Lord has done for us - the cool water, nice breeze, awesome birds and beautiful plants. I truly believe that He loves to see us have fun and enjoying His creations.

I did see another Golden on the water, even if Joe the Wonder Dog didn't get to play. We were zipping around the cove on our boats and saw this blow up boat with a motor on the back pass us by - with a Golden sitting just pretty as you please in the front of the boat with his ears blowing in the wind! So fun to see this dog just so filled with joy!

And of course one of the most special things about road trips with Keith is that we have some of our best conversations. We've made some tentative plans for our future and I'm feeling it baby! Do I need to mention as well that we usually stop at Starbucks on the way home, too??? ;)

~ Elizabeth

" far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us" - Psalm 103:12

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